Preventive teatment of empty warehouses / silos

The so-called DESO in warehouses/silos is carried out for pest control, foremost preventively, before receiving new goods or to prevent the spread of insects. High-pressure machines that we use can dispense highly concentrated mixture and generate droplets (usually with a diameter of 5–30 microns) with high accuracy. This type of treatment is often also referred to as Ultra Low Volume treatment, because it can be used to treat very large areas with a small quantity of chemical. ULV machines generate fog droplets using a large volume of low-pressure air. Due to the small number of droplets, the permeability of fog is limited in areas with lots of obstacles.

ULV machines can dispense more concentrated mixtures, because they use less solvent. The machines generate optimally-sized particles for each chemical, which makes ULV fogging the preferred method wherever possible.

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