Chemical reactions of metal phosphides:

AlP + 3H2O  → Al(OH)3 + PH3

Mg3P2 + 6H2O → 3Mg(OH)2+ 2PH3

PH3 (hydrogen phosphide) which is highly toxic to all forms of animal and human life, slightly heavier than air, excellent penetration properties and easy to aerate. Phosphide is a colorless gas with a carbide- or garlik-like odor.

Essential Properties of Phosphide:

Molecular Weight                        34.0
Boiling Point 1/                       – 87.4C
Specific Gravity 2/                       1.21
(Air = 1)
Lower Explosion Limit 3/           1.79%
1/ Boiling point at 760 mm pressure.
2/ Values greater than 1.0 are heavier than air.
3/ Percent by volume of gas in air.

Aluminium Phosphide

Formulations based on aluminium phosphide (AlP) are the mostly used products for the control of pests in storages, as well for rodents and other outdoor vertebrates.

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Magnesium Phosphide

Due to their characteristics, formulations based on magnesium phosphide (Mg3P2), are the fumigant of choice for quick fumigations even under suboptimal conditions.

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