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Chemical reactions of metal phospides:

 AlP + 3H2O  → Al(OH)3 + PH3 

 Mg3P2 + 6H2O → 3Mg(OH)2+ 2PH3

PH3 (hydrogen phosphide) which is highly toxic to all forms of animal and human life, slightly heavier than air, excellent penetration properties and easy to aerate. Phosphine is a colorless gas with a carbide- or garlik-like odor.
Essential Properties of Phosphine:
Molecular Weight                        34.0
Boiling Point 1/                       - 87.4C
Specific Gravity 2/                       1.21
(Air = 1)
Lower Explosion Limit 3/           1.79%
1/ Boiling point at 760 mm pressure.
2/ Values greater than 1.0 are heavier than air.
3/ Percent by volume of gas in air.

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